TWT #94 – Turning Fear Into Fascination with Ms. Mallory, Queen of Creepy Crawlies

April 11, 2022

Join The Wild Times crew this week as they they’re joined by the Queen of Creepy Crawlies, Ms. Mallory! Mallory is a straight-up badass – she helps children get immersed in the world of bugs, insects and slimy, gross creatures, turning fear into fascination. Across her podcast, 8 Minutes of Ew, Youtube series, Weird Nature, and F2F program, Mallory has plenty of wildlife knowledge and gnarly stories to share with the WT gang.

Watch on YouTube for some of the most horrific yet fascinating videos and images. For our brosteners just listening to the pod, don’t stress, this episode is full of killer content. Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT #94 – The Breakdown

00:00 – INTRO: Robot Kyle counts us down

1:35 – Meet the queen of creepy crawlies, Ms. Mallory!

3:10 – Mallory’s story: fear to fascination

5:08 – How Forrest met Mallory

6:11 – Guess the skull with Ms. Mallory and Forrest Galante (super cool, go watch on Youtube!)

07:50 – Check out Mallory’s hagfish in a jar

8:00 – Ms. Mallory goes to Narcisse Snake Dens

10:00 – The Ms. Mallory and F2F angle for wildlife conservation

12:48 – Eating bugs is cool. Even Rhodes Galante is doing it!

15:30 – Mallory ruins blue cheese for everyone #science

16:37 – All about Ms. Mallory’s pod, 8 Minutes Of Ew

17:58 – Brosteners listening on a “listening device” (Forrest Galante 2022), time to come to Youtube for some tantalising wildlife video content!

19:04 – Superpowers of the velvet worm

20:14 – Why salamanders are SO dang cool

24:45 – African clawed frogs make good pregnancy tests AND deathly chytrid fungus diseases

26:25 – Ms. Mallory’s experience with botfly nesting in her HEAD (*brosteners, do yourself a favour and go to the Youtube for some horrific botfly extraction footage*)

29:21 – Mallory’s first expedition into the Belize jungle

31:20 – Forrest Galante’s survival tips: how to NOT get botflies

37:40 – Maggot debridement therapy a.k.a “Nature’s Neosporin” (Retep 2022) (*more gnarly content on the Youtube*)

40:10 – Fascinating leech facts: medical leeches used for surgery recovery?! 

41:44 – Forrest’s horrific leech story: Extinct or Alive behind the scenes

44:20 – Ms. Mallory’s creepy crawly tips: how to properly remove leeches 

46:33 – How Mallory gets underprivileged children immersed in wildlife

49:10 – Where to find more of Ms. Mallory and what’s next?!

51:00 – Forrest casually ruins how we perceive toothpaste #hagfishfacts

51:40 – BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Creepy Crawly Edition

Rules: Choose 3 elements of weird animals to create the most disgusting, off putting creepy crawly. 

*No 2 picks from 1 category (spiders etc)

*Snake draft

52:55 – Forrest’s first pick: creepy, undulating legs of a millipede

53:42 – Retep’s first pick: head and beady eyes of a sewer rat

54:5 – Mallory’s first pick: nightmarish head of a lamprey. Second pick: tongue of a parasitic wrasse

55:55 – Retep’s second pick: tentacles of a giant squid AND a bonus Retep fact about giant squids

56:60 – Forrest’s second pick: body of a slime eel / hagfish. Last pick: face of a blobfish (Retep’s spirit animal – repping the merch)

59:00 – Retep’s last pick: stinky body (glands specifically) of a skunk

59:58 – Mallory’s last pick: creepy hairy body of a tarantula

1:01:26 – BR Recap (Dave Sunshine, get ready to create some gross as mockups)

1:02:25 – OUTTRO & where to find Ms. Mallory

Brosteners, don’t forget to comment and vote who you think made the grossest, most icky creature in this Battle Royale!

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