TWT #24 – California Fires, Python Lays Eggs Without Male, Forrest Galante Thoughts on Steve Irwin

September 14, 2020

Listen and play the wild times drinking game with us!

P.S. Drink responsibly, brosteners.

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:07:08 – Big Fires Cause Big Problems
00:11:14 – Forrest Galante and Pat talk about status of Extinct or Alive 3rd season
00:16:50 – Death by elephant
00:17:38 – Forrest Galante Talks about Torture Mueseum in Bancock
00:19:45 – Japanese use sharks to torture POW's during WWII
00:21:55 – Listener asks Forrest Galante about incident where a doe attacked him
00:24:16 – The Broducer Talks About the time he pee'd his pants
00:28:40 – Forrest Galante talks about python that laid eggs without being exposed to a mate
00:31:33 – Borris Becker gets sued
00:34:22 – Forrest Galante talks about Steve Irwin saving lives of missing divers
00:36:20 – Pat talks about the Sea Shepherds attempting to rescue someone during Whale Wars season 3 filming
00:38:08 – Listener asks Forrest Galante, “what is the craziest animal that lives in the UK”
00:41:05 – Knoxville, TN Tiger on the loose (Forrest Galante talks about how one might track and capture a tiger on the loose in an urban area)
00:45:09 – Forrest answers: How long until you would get killed by a big cat if dropped in the Serengeti naked
00:47:47 – Forrest Galante talks about fences and boundries on Nakes and Afraid
00:50:04 – Forrest Galante talks about dancing naked in front of his partner on Naked and Afraid
00:52:48 – The broducer talks about his friend's experience on NEXT the TV show
00:57:58 – Forrest talks about recording episode 1 of The Wild Times Podcast
01:00:02 – Forrest Galante talks about how Academia views his work
01:06:05 – Battle Royale
01:20:27 – The Jewel Wasp

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