Forrest Galante’s Amygdala VS Kings Of Pain feat. Adam Thom & Rob Alleva

March 15, 2022

Joining Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and The Wild Times gang this week are the fellow wildlife nutheads from the TV and Snapchat series, Kings of Pain. Giving Forrest’s amygdala a run for its money, Adam and Rob reveal their worst bites and stings from some of the gnarliest animals with the wildest super powers (featuring the aftermath of a reticulated python bite). These guys are CRAZY! 

This episode is one you don’t want to miss. We love you, brosteners!

TWT #92 – The Breakdown


02:02 – Who the HELL came up with Kings of Pain?!

03:15 – The Pain Index explained #science

04:02 – Another gnarly Forrest Galante spearfishing story

9:23 – Proof Forrest has an amygdala

9:37 – 16 foot reticulated python bite

23:15 – Faulty warrior wasps

25:03 – Hippo attack on the Nile

37:48 – Rove beetle superpowers

40:20 – Velvet ant pain review

42:20 – Adam slams Rob

42:32 – Wild facts about the slow loris (venomous primate?!)

52:43 – Retep gets deep

53: 46 – Extinct or Alive behind the scenes: Scolopendra (red centipede) sting remedy

54:47 – Giant Asian centipede sting pain review

56:34 – Longest lasting pain (hint: tarantula)

1:02:50 – Forrest’s amygdala strikes again

1:02:26 – Talkin’ pee-pee problems feat. candiru

1:04:52 – Kings of Pain bucket list

1:08:20 – Forrest lets a Nile croc bite his buddy’s nipple (typical) 

1:10:26 – Pat goes full producer: pre-BR game

1:19:19 – BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Kings of Pain Edition

Rules: Choose 3 animals to bite/sting your enemy that will inflict the MOST pain WITHOUT killing the victim. You must also choose WHERE your enemy takes the bite/sting/etc.

*No 2 picks from 1 category of animal (mammals, bugs, etc)

*NOT a snake draft because Retep would never keep up with all these people

1:21:23 – Forrest’s picks

1. Stone Scorpion Fish spice to the arch of your foot
2. Scolopendra giant centipede bite to the face
3. Rat bite(s) on the butt

1:23:22 – Adam’s picks

1. Male platypus sting to the fingers

2. Wandering spider bite (crazy superpower)

3. Candiru up the pee-pee

1:24:38 – Retep’s picks

1. Gila monster bite to the nipple

2. Stingray barb to the TAINT specifically

3. Box jellyfish sting to the face

1:28:00 – Rob’s picks

1. Anaconda bite to the head

2. Black piranha bite to the ‘worm’

3. 6 foot electric eel bite to the taint

1:29:30 – Papa P’s picks

1. Human adult bite to the nuts

2. Bombardier beetle acid to the uvula

3. Hyena bite to the top of the foot

1:32:40 – OUTTRO & where to find the KINGS OF PAINNNNNN

Don’t forget to comment and vote who you think won this Battle Royale!

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