Forrest's goes foraging in the forest. The chaps discuss a spicy Chinese remedy for COVID-19 (hint: it doesn't work). The Battle Royale involves a fight 'til death with an animal friend and medieval weapon.
Forrest Galante interviews one of the cameramen from Tiger King and much behind-the-scenes dirt is spilled. It's a bonanza of spicy gossip including a secret note from Carole Baskin. 
Forrest details a dream vacation swimming with anacondas. Patrick gets furious at employees of the “quiche shop” showing up late to work. Forrest has the biggest mishap of his career while describing an extinct slug. Some behind-the-scenes on Forrest's discovery of the extinct Fernandina tortoise.  

Exclusive Tiger King Sizzle Reel

Nico Intro music by humanoide9000 (

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2 comments on “TWT #3 – Extinct or Alive Behind the Scenes Banter, Carole Baskin, Swimming with Anacondas

  1. To be honest this has some content which is even more disturbing than the documentary itself. Great job Nico for the footage! ­čÖé

  2. Kong Evans Apr 17, 2020

    lion trebuchet definitely wins