Retep unloads on Pat for getting lost in the wilderness over the weekend, The crew travels through time, and Forrest conveys his profound affection for a mutual friend. We're talking primates, jewfish, dingos, and more. Join Forrest Galante, Pat, and Retep on today's silly audio adventure!

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Forrest made it back from his Alaskan expedition and gives an exclusive behind the scenes peak at Shark Week 2020! Pat tells us about a deadly encounter with a surprising critter, the guys talk about lab grown meat and the effects it may have on the world, and Retep gets a glowing fan review. The battle royale get's REAL ugly. You don't want to miss this one.

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The show opens with Forrest telling us a bit about his quarantine exercise routine, and how it makes him look like a lobster. Then the crew watch a monkey fly a kite (no, I'm serious). After that, we hear a bit about Forrest's potato hoarding on his episode of Naked and Afraid. The boys take a deep dive into the paranormal and debate if ghosts and aliens exist. Forrest, Pat, and Retep share their own paranormal stories. Contest winner #2 is announced and the boys travel to a deserted island for this week's Battle Royale! After a bit of hair and beard talk the crew says goodnight.

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