Listen and play the wild times drinking game with us!

P.S. Drink responsibly, brosteners.

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:07:08 – Big Fires Cause Big Problems
00:11:14 – Forrest Galante and Pat talk about status of Extinct or Alive 3rd season
00:16:50 – Death by elephant
00:17:38 – Forrest Galante Talks about Torture Mueseum in Bancock
00:19:45 – Japanese use sharks to torture POW's during WWII
00:21:55 – Listener asks Forrest Galante about incident where a doe attacked him
00:24:16 – The Broducer Talks About the time he pee'd his pants
00:28:40 – Forrest Galante talks about python that laid eggs without being exposed to a mate
00:31:33 – Borris Becker gets sued
00:34:22 – Forrest Galante talks about Steve Irwin saving lives of missing divers
00:36:20 – Pat talks about the Sea Shepherds attempting to rescue someone during Whale Wars season 3 filming
00:38:08 – Listener asks Forrest Galante, “what is the craziest animal that lives in the UK”
00:41:05 – Knoxville, TN Tiger on the loose (Forrest Galante talks about how one might track and capture a tiger on the loose in an urban area)
00:45:09 – Forrest answers: How long until you would get killed by a big cat if dropped in the Serengeti naked
00:47:47 – Forrest Galante talks about fences and boundries on Nakes and Afraid
00:50:04 – Forrest Galante talks about dancing naked in front of his partner on Naked and Afraid
00:52:48 – The broducer talks about his friend's experience on NEXT the TV show
00:57:58 – Forrest talks about recording episode 1 of The Wild Times Podcast
01:00:02 – Forrest Galante talks about how Academia views his work
01:06:05 – Battle Royale
01:20:27 – The Jewel Wasp