Forrest Galante & the Wild Times crew are back this week with thrilling tales from Costa Rica, and more!
Forrest gets deep on his new show Mysterious Creatures (!!SPOILIER ALERT!!) and the gents talk a bit of news.

Finally, the boys read a brostener DM and things go swimmingly during the battle royale.

Enjoy! We love you!

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Welcome to week 78 of The Wild Times podcast, with your host Forrest Galante.

We're talking everything in the title, plus a whole bunch of other shenanigans. Including a pitch for a new Forrest Galante hosted show, “Animal Divorce Court.”  

Love you all. You make our days!

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Join Forrest Galante and the Wild Times crew for another ridiculous episode of The Wild Times!

We're talking about everything in the title PLUS brostener/sistner DM's and a HUGE battle Royale you don't want to miss.  

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Also special thanks to Mimmkey  @ for the awesome sound design!  

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