The crew is finally back recording in the same room for this special 20th episode!

Forrest tells us about the most embarrassing moment in his life, Forrest and Pat recount a paranormal experience they once had, and Retep goes insane during this week's Battle Royale.

Join the broologist, the broducer, and the brofessor on this week's audio adventure.

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Hear about how Forrest's dad shot at and almost killed Forrest's BFF growing up. And tune-in to learn what the bizarre animal of the week has to do with a classic Nintendo game.

We announce a contest winner, and the battle royale is a pig sh*t show! We're talking all that, everything in the title, and more! 

Join Forrest and the crew for this week's Audio adventure!
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Today's audio adventure opens with an angry Retep ranting and raving about how Broducer Pat's lack of communication is derailing the podcast recording schedule. After that we hear about how Forrest's lack of an amygdala almost gets him killed again during Shark Week filming. The guys introduce a new segment called ‘Bizarre Animal of the Week,' and a surprise guest pops in to yell at Pat. Tune in for all of that and much more! 
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